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Our priority at Parish Renewal Resources is implementation of Vatican II renewal in parishes. Here are some comments that we have received about our recent book, Lenten Scrutinies: Our God Call Us to Conversion. We hope these will help assure any potential new customers that we strive to provide practical resources for on-going conversion in RCIA, small groups and the parish community.

Lenten Scrutinies: Our God Calls Us to Conversion is a solid, practical book filled with suggestions that can be easily adapted for any parish situation. One program is a six-part Lenten parish renewal series; the other program is intended for preparation of catechumens for the celebration of the Scrutinies. I easily opened the files with MS-WORD.

   Book Review
   Liturgical Ministry, 2006

The Scrutinies are powerful means of deepening and celebrating conversion of the mind and heart toward Christ and away from sin . . . The Scrutinies must be prepared not only by those who will lead the ritual, but also by those who will participate in the rituals . . . This book is (also) a very powerful tool for offering the power of the Scrutinies to the whole community or to smaller groups that exist year round or that form as part of the parish's observance of Lent.

   Book Review
   Catechumente, 2007

"Our RCIA team uses materials from this book every year. Our three Scrutiny preparation sessions are very different from our usual RCIA catechetical format. Catechumens are given the opportunity to reflect and share in depth on the Scrutiny gospels. These retreat evenings are a prayerful way to prepare for the Easter Vigil."

   RCIA Coordinator
   Palm Harbor, Florida

"These RCIA sessions have led my wife and me to a wonderful discovery. The stories in the Scrutiny gospels are not about the Samaritan woman and the man born blind. The stories are about us."

   Des Moines, Iowa

"Our RCIA team was introduced to these Scrutiny preparation sessions several years ago at an RCIA team retreat at the Franciscan Center in Tampa. The Scrutiny preparations in this book are the best we know of. We use them every year."

   RCIA Team
   Brandon, Florida

"The Lenten renewal program made me do some soul-searching - especially regarding my weaknesses and what I can do about them. It also prepared me for the following Sunday's Scrutiny gospel reading, and made me eager to live my faith in loving service."

   Parish Program Participant
   Clearwater, Florida

"I never realized there was so much potential for on-going conversion in our RCIA program, which can 'spill over' into a renewed and more committed parish community."

   RCIA Facilitator
   Chicago, Illinois

"This parish program had a deep effect on my life. Just being an ordinary Catholic in the pew, I had never experienced the ritualizing of the gospel stories. I find it personally uplifting and a boost to my spirituality."

   Parish Program Participant
   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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