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Lenten Scrutinies: Our God Calls Us to Conversion
By Jerry DuCharme


  • A three-session RCIA Program to prepare participants for the celebration of Scrutinies on the three Sundays prior to Holy Week

  • Detailed facilitator team guidelines

  • Workshop Guidelines to train facilitator teams

  • Three Scrutiny gospel readings in choral format for catechetical (not liturgical) use:

    Exploring our deepest thirsts (John 4:4-52)
    Admitting our areas of spiritual blindness (John 9:1-41)
    Becoming ready to experience new life in risen Lord (John 11:1-45)

  • Three creative soliloquies for catechetical (not liturgical) use:

    Soliloquy by the Samaritan woman as she approaches Jacob's well
    Soliloquy by the threatened father of the man born blind
    Soliloquy by grief-stricken Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus

  • Complete with detailed facilitator guidelines, a six-week Lenten Renewal program that invites the already initiated parish community to spiritual renewal

  • Tips on how to attract parishioners to attend the Lenten Parish Renewal Program

This book is available in RTF only on a single CD-R, priced at $25.00, plus postage and handling. Pay with a major credit card.

The purchase of one CD-R, containing the 232 page book, allows the parish unlimited use and adaptation/editing of the book's contents for use within that parish.

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